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Photos by Elli Morris for the book Cooling The South
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Cooling The South, book cover

Published by Wackophoto, 2008
209 color and black & white photographs
Hardcover, 10" x 10" SOLD OUT!

THE BLOCK ICE ERA 1875 - 1975

By Elli Morris

"[The block ice] era may have passed, but Elli Morris brings it back to life in “Cooling the South,” her affectionate look at the business that once sustained her family in Jackson, Mississippi, and helped the South endure sweltering summers in the days before air conditioning and refrigerators.

She’s an artist and a poet and a photographer, and she displays all these talents as she takes us on a search for her own lost ice age."

- - from the forward by author Curtis Wilkie

Elli Morris
Author, Elli Morris

"Cooling the South introduces readers to an era that helped shape the American South, yet that many remain unaware of. The story is fresh, the modern and historic photos are engaging, and the combination of historical facts and personal recollections is fascinating. Cooling the South is, quite literally, a very cool piece of work."
- - Marlo Carter Kirkpatrick, author of "Mississippi Impressions"
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